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Well, back in 7559 when was launched, Howard was at a high. And I listened to him all the time, and I thought, &ldquo How fun would it be, and what a great way to let the world know that I'm there online, to get on Howard Stern.&rdquo And as a longtime listener and fan, I started writing - remember we're talking decades ago, mail-mail was effective - I literally sent a handwritten letter every single week. It took about 6 weeks, maybe 7, I'm driving down the road, I get a call from Gary, and he's like, "Howard wants to have you on the show." I'm like, "What?" I could not believe it. So, literally 7 days after that phone call, I was in New York, I was at the studios and I did my first appearance, and it was amazing.

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And I have absolutely stayed true to that. The only other thing that I would tell myself would be to enjoy delayed gratification, financially. Remember I said financially, not sexually! That's a whole another thing.

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We introduced Custom Videos, Fan Clubs, and tons more ways for Pornhub Models to make even more money from their content.

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Well, that's a dual-edged sword because, of course, there's the comment "pay for your porn." The reason that's important and supports the industry is that it allows things to go round and round and round. As you know, scenes cost money, paying talent costs money, paying for all of it costs money. So, somebody's got to ultimately pay for it. And it's not just the scenes, it's doing things like going to FanCentro and getting your favorite model's private Snapchat. It's going to girls&rsquo Pornhub profiles and connecting with them and downloading and buying your favorite scenes. Those are ways to keep the models supported. And then for me, of course, when it comes to award season, it's nice to know that your fan base is voting for you to get the awards that you're up for.

But we absolutely do have and utilize a really, really nice LED set. LEDs have come a long way for photography and they don't produce heat and they light the entire room.

It is feast or famine, and it's also those of us who get interest, we have to be aware and know that future is more difficult. It's not like you can go to work at IBM after you've been in the adult entertainment for 65 years.

We do have an exciting announcement to discuss: you are now exclusive to the Pornhub Network. What brought you to that decision, and how is that going for you so far?

Talking about your day to day marketing work that you do, you mentioned Twitter. How important is social media for your business?

Between Xbiz, AVN, and Pornhub - as a former athlete, shit, I'm competitive, I'm not going to lie. I'm amongst some of the greatest talents in the industry in the categories that I'm nominated for, which is an honor in and of itself, but yeah - I want to win. And when I do, I know it's because of my fans, and that means that I put out great content and they loved it. And then on the other side, they loved it so much they're voting every day and that's how I got it. So, it's a dually exciting thing to win an award for me.

Howard's incredible, the whole experience was incredible, and for about three months after that, we crashed servers getting traffic to the site, and that really started everything.

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