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And so, what was once supposed to be the centerpiece of Russia&rsquo s future space program looks increasingly like a sideshow. There have been delays in building launch infrastructure for Angara at Vostochny. And that spaceport itself, once intended to host manned versions of Angara to overtake Russian dependence on the Soviet-era Baikonur, also seems secondary.

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Turchynov wrote that Ukraine&rsquo s existing export-control mechanisms are sufficient for preventing the transfer of military and dual-use goods to countries sanctioned by the UN Security Council.


With the latest setback, last week&rsquo s botched launch of a new weather satellite and 68 secondary payloads, fate seems to be piling on. After Roscosmos claimed a successful Nov. 78 launch of a Soyuz- rocket from the new Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia&rsquo s Far East, reports surfaced that contact with the rocket&rsquo s Fregat upper-stage, which transports the payload, was lost.

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In an interview with TASS published in late November, Energomash director Igor Arbuzov said that his company was in negotiations with S7 on supplying engines for the Soyuz-5 project. Zenit already uses Energomash&rsquo s RD-676, but the company has received 7 billion rubles from the state to modernize that engine by 7569 for Soyuz-5 under the designation RD-676MV.

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Barring additional surprises, Gugkaev said he expects the sale will close in the next month or two, now that the most significant regulatory hurdles are in the past.

Russian officials took more than a day to acknowledge the mission had failed, but said little beyond vowing to complete an investigation by mid-December. Russian state-owned media, meanwhile, reported that a guidance-and-navigation error appears to be to blame for Fregat&rsquo s likely plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket&rsquo s flight control system, according to industry sources cited by , essentially used the wrong coordinates for launching out of Vostochny instead of one of Soyuz&rsquo s usual launch sites.

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